Upcoming Shows


December 11

Jake the Snake Roberts~5pm

Jake the Snake Roberts, WWE Hall of Fame, presents his UnSpokeN WorD TouR! Jake unleashes his road stories and locker room antics//0 and pranks he played on his opponents. You may enjoy stories about Ravishing Rick Rude, Hacksaw Jim Duggan to the British Bulldog, Andre the Giant, Undertaker. The era that everyone loves and never forgets .Whether you are a wrestling fan or not this one of a kind story teller will keep you wrapped in his coils and leave you wanting more! Come out and have a good time with wrestling legend Jake the Snake Roberts. Come have a night with one the the LEGENDS!

December 17

Dueling Pianos~8pm

Dueling Pianos is back at District! An interactive musical comedy experience that engages audience members and makes YOU the star of the show! Featuring “Dario Radio”, the best Chicago has to offer! ”Dario Radio” has a complete array of music selections so even the most ridiculous requests will be attempted … and who knows, we might hand the mic over to you!

December 30

Wedding Banned w/ Stevee Nix~9pm

The Story: Skip the ceremony, start the party! Wedding Banned formed in Gas City Indiana. After being dubbed, “too wild and crazy,” by their hometown, the Banned hit the road looking for gigs. Their first break came when they landed a Thursday night gig at The Cubby Bear in Chicago, Il. Word spread and that performance turned into a seven month long run. Wedding Banned filled Cubby Bear with people who wanted to see their
unique performance that combines music, audience interaction, crazy characters and comedy. The band relocated to Chicago.

The Music: Lot’s of 80’s, some 90’s, other surprises and songs you want
to hear. It’s your party, we just make it more awesome.

December 31

New Years Eve Pub Crawl~9pm

FREE pub  crawl between District, RBI and ONYX starting at 9pm.

Kettle One/Red Bull VIP package.
The package comes with one bottle of Kettle One, 6 cans of Red Bull, one bottle of champagne, and an appetizer platter for your group.

January 28

Boy Band Review~9pm

Playing your favorites from Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, New Kids On The Block, Boys II Men, Justin Timberlake and even some fun from Britney Spears and The Spice Girls!!!!


January 29

Nonpoint w/ Static Signal and On My Six~ Doors open at 6pm

The unconquerable spirit of NONPOINT charges up the energy in any environment, from the studio to the stage. The stamina, resilience, diversity, massive power and undeniable authenticity of the enduring Active Rock crew makes them kindred spirits to their audience: fans who call upon the band’s tried-and-true anthems to help conquer adversity in their own lives.

Nonpoint emerged as part of the cultural wave of aggressive-streetwise-metal-mixed-with-melodic-force and unapologetic passion that burst from underground clubs onto Ozzfest and MTV in the “aughts.” But even as radio formats shifted and the window dressing aesthetics changed, the sheer intensity balanced with huge catchiness of Nonpoint bangers like “Bullet with a Name,” “Breaking Skin,” “The Truth” and “That Day” kept them relevant and revered.

“Our fans appreciate the variety in what we do and the difference in how we do it,” notes frontman Elias Soriano. “We write songs that have meat on the bones and stick to your ribs.”

Nonpoint has brought their message to the masses on tour with Disturbed, Papa Roach, Stone Sour, 10 Years, and Megadeth, while selling close to 1 million albums in North America. Their juxtaposition of rhythm and melody gets heads bobbing, hands in the air, and crowds singing.

February 17

Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute Funky Monks~9pm

Funky Monks is America’s premier Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band, playing all the RHCP radio favorites plus the great punk & funk classics that helped put the multi-Grammy winning Peppers on the map. Since formed in 2003 by bassist Jeff Genualdi (Jefflea), we’ve had the privilege of playing at venues as far as Dominican Republic, Mexico, California, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Las Vegas. From bar gigs to college fraternity parties and campus activities board events to private parties to city festivals, Funky Monks have traveled all around to entertain fellow RHCP fans. We are fans playing for fans, and every show is a celebration. While offering a growing catalogue of 80+ songs, we focus on giving our audience the same live experience they would expect from a real Peppers concert – stage energy, crowd interaction, funky live jams, random surprise covers and of course all their biggest hits. Our goal is to make everybody in the venue forget for just a moment that they are watching a tribute band. With uncanny Anthony vocals, funky Flea-style bass, Chad’s heavy-hitting rock style to a guitarist who can bring Slovak, Navarro and Frusciante together all in one show….you won’t find a more accurate tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers!