Upcoming Shows

October 18

Groove Walk~ 9pm

Jamie Campbell & the Redneck Romeos

Dynamic… Fierce… Wildly entertaining… Charmingly charismatic…
Just six of the buzz words consistently used to describe this 6 piece Midwest country-rock powerhouse, Jamie Campbell and the Redneck Romeos.
Formed in 2011, this award-winning group— chosen in 2013 to appear on a TV REALITY SERIES titled “Band Rescue”- pairing them with celebrity musicians to give them an upper edge in their quest to the top— with 2 songs currently spinning on radio both nationally and internationally, has quickly rocketed to the top in their region. They’ve also began to make a name for themselves in Nashville, playing clubs like Cadillac Ranch, Tootsies and more.

October 25

Dueling Pianos~ 8pm~ $5

An interactive musical comedy experience that engages audience members and makes YOU the star of the show! Featuring Dario Radio, the best Chicago has to offer! Dario Radio has a complete array of music selections. So even the most ridiculous requests will be attempted… and who knows, we might hand the mic over to you!

October 31


3rd annual CREEPY CRAWL! Free pub crawl between RBI, ONYX, and District starting at 9pm and running all night! $250 male and female costume contest at each bar, winners voted on by likes on facebook. Live djs at each bar, DJ Slick at ONYX, DJ Travey Trav at RBI, and dj Jb Love at District!

November 8

Unity the Band~10pm

Unity…the Band is an award-winning original roots reggae group based in Appleton, WI. Their intense touring schedule of varied venues around the Midwest has honed an interactive outdoor stage show with positive party vibes and the knack for drawing club crowds into the irie groove.

They treat fans to old roots Reggae favs, along with original music blending influences of rock, roots, blues and reggae into their own unique sound. Fronted with Fiji Born island-smooth energetic confidence by Kai “Pita” Katobalavu on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, the band’s talents include the Nashville-experience flavored bass lines of Jason “Red” Brown, Ryan Peerenboom laid-back guitar riffs and vocals, the cool intensity of Jeremy “Chunk” Schroetter’s keyboards ,congo’s and voice, driven by the steady ease of Kelvin Ayres behind the drum set.

November 12

Wayland W/ The Merkins and Pulse 18~ 7pm~ $10 in advance

Wayland, named after the band’s hometown area in Michigan, has been a band for 7 years, but has only had their name since 2010. The band is managed by Jesse James Dupree (Jackyl, TruTV’s Full Throttle Saloon). Wayland released a 4 song EP in December 2011, wich includes their first single “Welcome to My Head,” the second single “Nobody’s Perfect” and their tribute to a MI great, Bob Seger’s “Fire Down Below.” “Welcome to My Head” peaked at #36 on the National radio charts in 2012. The band’s latest single, Reno, is rising up the active rock charts.

November 14

Hot Sauce Committee~ 10pm~ $5

The Hot Sauce Committee combines 90′s Hip Hop, with guitars and club beats for a high-energy hot sauce experience. With Serv on the lead vocals, Bender on guitar, Nick on Bass, Danger-Russ on Drums and featuring DJ Vivid; these boys bring a crazy fun show to any stage they are on.

November 15

Chicago Six~7pm

It’s a bash with the Monsters of the Mainstage, Chicago 6 featuring three superstar, Super Bowl Chicago Bears leading the way! It’s a party set of music filled with classic rock and Motown favorites that the world loves to sing and dance! Let your hair down Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson and Steve McMichael as they take you down the field for a night of nothing but fun!

November 18

Royal Bliss~ W/ Bobaflex~ 7pm~ $10

It has been nearly 16 years of bliss, Royal Bliss that is. Royal Bliss is modern rock with equal parts beauty and tragedy. The new album Chasing The Sun, out February 18th 2014, is a bold statement for Royal Bliss. Peaking at #5 on the iTunes rock charts and already getting rave reviews, “This album makes me weak in the knees. Chasing The Sun is quite simply a stunner – a beautifully crafted, heart-ripping, chest-thumping, ass-kicking stack of rock – classic rock, hard rock, modern rock, all of that good stuff. The entire album is rippling with amazing vocals, brawny riffs, killer drums, and lyrics that cut right through the pre-fab bullshit and into some serious heart-and-soul territory.

November 22

Hairbangers Ball~ 10pm

According to ancient Pawnee legend, every century births human manifestations of water, fire, wind, earth, sun and sky. Seven mythological musicians commanded by the moonlight. Seven melodic shaman who water the barren lands, settle the livid seas and breathe life into the gaunt and diseased. Seven storied warriors equipped with the ability to rock the shit out of men, women and children alike.
Swift, brave and usually drunk, these rhythmic riders of the night are known to commoners as the Hairbanger’s Ball. Born scattered between grass huts, ranch homes and double wides in different corners of the country, it was divine intervention that united them in line at a White Castle in Villa Park, IL after a Slayer concert in 1998.
The mystical band has since roamed the country in unison in Trans Am’s, offering up the healing potions of Jack Daniels, and the primeval hymnals of Poison, Guns ‘n Roses, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and Bon Jovi just to name a few. Though many have attributed Hairbangers Ball’s famed light shows to modern technology, fables claim a celestial source of ignition. Adorned in tight leather, pounds of hairspray, pink lipstick and plastic mini skirts, each member has become as equally known for their great performances on stage and in the bedroom.

November 25

Fozzy, Texas Hippie Coalition and Shamans Harvest ~7pm

November 28

Mike and Joe~10pm

Mike and Joe is a really good modern rock cover band based out of Chicago. It’s kind of as simple as that. “Kind of,” except for the fact that the band is widely regarded by it’s peers as one of the very best sounding cover bands in the entire nation. It’s impressive. Mike and Joe mix, match, and perfect hand selected hits and timeless favorites. They bring down the house with today’s hottest hits while rocking favorite childhood jams. Mike and Joe are not just your normal cover band, they’re a true BAND that plays covers.

November 29

Dueling Pianos~8pm

An interactive musical comedy experience that engages audience members and makes YOU the star of the show! Featuring Dario Radio, the best Chicago has to offer! Dario Radio has a complete array of music selections. So even the most ridiculous requests will be attempted… and who knows, we might hand the mic over to you!

December 26

Wedding Banned~10pm

The Story: Skip the ceremony, start the party! Wedding Banned formed in Gas City Indiana. After being dubbed, “too wild and crazy,” by their
hometown, the Banned hit the road looking for gigs. Their first break came when they landed a Thursday night gig at The Cubby Bear in Chicago,
Il. Word spread and that performance turned into a seven month long run. Wedding Banned filled Cubby Bear with people who wanted to see their unique performance that combines  music, audience interaction, crazy characters and comedy.